Soundboard & Blades with Proffie

Premium Baselit Saber | Xeno3 Neopixel | Proffie 2.2 

The hilt quality and design are the same for all 3 lightsaber versions. The difference is the technology used inside the hilt and blade. Often, our premium baselit versions are used by those newer to sabers.

Premium Base Lit: Our premium baselit sabers transmit light from the hilt itself. This means that the light is emitted from the hilt and shines up inside the polycarbonate blade.

It comes with 12 different sound fonts, 3 blade lighting effects and infinite colours. This saber has motion control settings that allow you to activate functions on the saber without pressing a button. There are 3 different types of motion control available. 

Xeno3 Neopixel: Our Xeno3 Neopixel offer an added level of realism unlike any other, that goes above and beyond to create a truly immersive and cinematic experience.

It has over 250 LEDs that emit light throughout the blade. This allows the saber to provide incredibly realistic ignitions as seen in the movies.

It comes with infinite colours, 34 different sound fonts, 7 lighting effects and 7 different ignitions.

This saber has advanced motion control offering more button-free functionality.

Our Xeno3 Neopixel version allows you to add and customize your own sound fonts using an SD Card.

Heavy duelling is not recommended with this saber as you can damage the LEDs inside the blade.

Proffie 2.2: Our Proffie 2.2 offers all the above with unparalleled levels of customization and personalization.

Prepare to be amazed by the infinite color options at your disposal, along with a diverse selection of distinct sound fonts, unique ignition styles, and captivating blade effects.

With the Proffie Neopixel, you have ultimate customisability with no restrictions! Tailor your sound fonts and ignitions to suit your individual preferences.

Heavy duelling is not recommended when engaging in duels with our Xeno3 Neopixel or Proffie 2.2 lightsabers due to the potential risk of damaging the delicate LEDs within the blade. However, light duelling is perfectly feasible and can be enjoyed without any concerns.