Lightsaber Instructions

All of our lightsabers are equipped with a wide range of advanced features such as smooth-swing, flash-on-clash, multiple blade colors, blaster deflection, and more.

What's truly impressive is that all these functions can be easily controlled using just a single button.

The instructions for operating these features may vary depending on the core type. The core serves as the electronic component of a lightsaber, encompassing a small processor, audio amplifier, a speaker, a 6-axis gyroscopic motion sensor, and other components.

We offer lightsabers with 3 different core types: Baselit, Xenopixel & Proffie. To find out more about each type, please refer to the provided links.

For detailed instructions specific to your core type, please follow the links provided or watch the accompanying videos.

Baselit Instructions

Xenopixel Instructions