Frequently Asked Questions

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When you order a saber from Reflekt Sabers, you will receive your custom saber box containing the following:

Baselit Version

  • T6 Aircraft Aluminum Hilt
  • PC Blade
  • Instruction Manual
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Battery (Installed)
  • M4 Hexagon Wrench & Screws

+ All the required tools 

Xenopixel Version:

  • T6 Aircraft Aluminum Hilt
  • Neopixel Blade (Xenopixel)
  • Instruction Manual
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Battery (Installed)
  • M4 Hexagon Wrench & Screws
  • Metal Blade Plug
  • Lightsaber Stand 
  • USB Card Reader (Xenopixel)
  • Suitcase (Optional Extra at Cost)

    + All the required tools 

Our headquarters is based in the UK and we ship worldwide!

We offer FREE worldwide shipping. Free standard shipping is valid on all international orders.

Our hilts are made of durable T6 aluminium alloy.

Our Premium Base Lit blades are made of high-strength translucent polycarbonate. The translucent polycarbonate ensures efficient transmission of light inside the blade. 

The XenoPixel blades have hundreds of LEDs mounted in the blade which makes them very bright and realistic.

Smooth swing means that the sounds are being procedurally generated with input detected by the motion sensor. This means the saber is very responsive when creating a sound to the movement of your swing delivering maximum realism.

Both our Baselit & Xenopixel versions have Smooth Swing.

Our sabers possess excellent durability for intense duels, as their blades are highly resilient and can withstand powerful strikes without sustaining any damage. When engaging in a duel, exercise caution to avoid striking one another and proceed at a measured pace.

  1. Smooth Swing - Very responsive motion sensor to replicate accurate sounds with the movement & power of each swing.
  2. Flash on Clash (FOC) - Flash white and emit a sound when it hits something.
  3. Double Sabers - Removable pommel to attach a second lightsaber.
  4. Changeable Colours - Infinite blade colour cycle to choose from.
  5. Blaster Block - Simulating laser shots up the blade.
  6. Blade Effects - Refers to the various visual features displayed by our lightsaber during operation. These effects simulate the iconic weapon's appearance and behaviour as depicted in the franchise
  7. Sound Fonts - A variety of sound fonts to choose from.

Once you have placed an order with Reflekt Sabers, we will prepare it, pack it and ship it. Once your item has been sent, you will be notified with a tracking number which you can use to track your purchase using our portal under 'Track Your Order'

We provide 12 months warranty for customers and replacement services if there are any quality issues. 

Please contact us at with your order details (order and tracking number) and we will resolve the issue.