Features with Proffie

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Baselit V3 Xenopixel V3 Proffie 2.2
Blade Standard Hollow LED Pixel LED Pixel
Volume Control
Duel Ready ✓   (Heavy)
 (Light/Medium)  (Light/Medium)
Flash on Clash
Sound Fonts  12 Fonts
✓ 30+
✓ 45+
Blaster Deflection
Colour Change
Smooth Swing
Battery 3000mAh 3600mAh 3600mAh
Smooth Saber Ignition  
Motion Controls
Customisable Sounds  
Customisable Motion Controls  
Customisable Pixel Length  
Customisable Blade Ignition    
Customisable Blade Styles
Customise on the go
Full Customisation