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      RGB Lightsabers, which imitate every aspect of the versions seen in the Star Wars universe. You can find your favorite characters lightsabers here! Whether you're a collector or a fan of the Jedi, having a real lightsaber in your Star Wars collection is essential. Browse our collection now and take home the might of the force!
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      Awesome replica lightsaber. Looks exactly like the one used in the movie and it's incredibly sturdy. The customer service was amazing and overall the saber is great for dueling or using as a display piece. Very satisfied. 100% recommended

      Andrew D
      Los Angeles, CA

      We absolutely love our sabers! They're incredible. It’s every bit as accurate as described. It was posted fast and makes for some great fun. Still learning how to control the modes which are only add to the excitement!

      Jane P
      Swansea, UK

      ITS FRIGGIN AWESOME. Arrived fast. I love Luke Skywalker and I was looking for a cheaper hilt of his and this is the perfect option.

      Beza P
      Lincolnshire, UK

      Received the hilt and blade today from Reflekt Sabers. They also include some extra retainer screws and an allen key with handle for taking the saber apart. Xenopixel board is very good and the newest update allows a good amount of customization. Very happy with my purchase and will be buying from them again.

      Alan K
      Toronto, Canada

      I've always wanted a lightsaber since I was a kid and watched Star Wars for the first time so I wanted something very realistic rather than just a toy, and I have to say, this is great! Feeling Sith

      Ashley B
      Lyon, France

      Super quality and a lot of modes! Simple to understand and the customer service was great. Very cool.

      Millie D
      Munich, Germany

      A gift to a friend. She loved it. Recommend buying. (delivered in 6 days)

      Matthew T
      Bedfordshire, UK

      Loved the saber design and the workmanship, almost accurate to the character hilt in the movie. All the functions are working just fine. The shipping is as promised, the blade is awesome. Thank you!

      Trev K
      Norfolk, UK

      RGB Lightsabers: The Best Kybers Online

      Step into the captivating world of Reflekt Sabers' collection of RGB lightsabers, where you'll find a vast array of breathtaking and immersive lightsabers that offer a visual feast for the eyes. These lightsabers not only serve as elegant display pieces, but they also have the unique ability to emit a diverse range of colors and effects that will leave you spellbound.

      Introducing our RGB Lightsabers Collection

      At Reflekt Sabers, we take great pride in our collection of the best RGB lightsabers online. We offer a wide range of options to cater to the tastes of every Star Wars fan, from the timeless and iconic Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber to the stylish and streamlined Darth Revan Lightsaber. Let's take a closer look at some of our standout options:

      1. Anakin Skywalker Star Wars Lightsaber Graflex Lightsaber

      If you're a fan of the prequel trilogy, the Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber is the perfect choice for you. This highly sought-after lightsaber boasts a timeless and iconic design, and its premium construction ensures its longevity. Plus, with a vast array of color options and effects, this RGB lightsaber is sure to leave you mesmerized.

      2. Darth Revan Lightsaber Star Wars Lightsaber

      The Darth Revan Lightsaber is another standout option in our collection. Its streamlined and stylish design paired with a top-of-the-line neopixel blade makes you feel like you're in the heart of the Old Republic era. This exquisitely crafted RGB neopixel lightsaber is built to endure rigorous dueling, making it an excellent choice for those who take their combat seriously.

      3. Ahsoka Tano Shoto Lightsaber Star Wars Lightsaber Neopixel Blade 2 Hilts + 2 Neopixel Blades

      The Ahsoka Tano Shoto Lightsaber is an exquisitely detailed and authentic replica of Ahsoka Tano's renowned lightsabers from the Clone Wars animated series. Featuring two hilts and two neopixel blades, this lightsaber is perfect for fans of Ahsoka Tano and is built to withstand heavy use during dueling.

      Whether you're a die-hard Star Wars fan or a collector seeking a visually stunning display piece, our collection of RGB lightsabers has something for everyone. From the Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber to the Ahsoka Tano Shoto Lightsaber, we offer the best RGB lightsabers online. So don't hesitate, explore our vast and varied collection and find the perfect lightsaber for you!


      Neopixel lightsabers are more intricate and lifelike in appearance, with a wider range of special effects than standard RGB lightsabers. However, this increased complexity comes at a higher manufacturing cost. Neopixel blades contain more LEDs and consume more battery power than their standard RGB counterparts.

      RGB lightsabers are an excellent choice for those who enjoy dueling as the lightsaber blades are hollow and can be purchased with a 3mm thickness option at Saber Duel. This added durability makes them ideal for withstanding heavy use during intense dueling sessions.

      The Xenopixel technology is the newest innovation in lightsabers. It is designed to work seamlessly with Neopixel lightsaber blades by connecting to the disc of the blade via a series of pins on its hilt, providing the necessary electrical contacts. With a Xenopixel saber, you can experience all the sound and blade effects of a Proffie saber.

      In the Star Wars universe, the color of a lightsaber is determined by the Jedi's connection to the Force. According to the official Star Wars website, lightsabers are powered by Kyber crystals, which are usually found in the frozen caves of Ilum. These crystals take on a color when they are attuned to a particular Jedi.

      The form of lightsaber combat known as Juyo was considered the most brutal and intense, characterized by a combination of rage and "malevolent grace." It was regarded as the most challenging and rigorous form of lightsaber combat.