Darth Maul


      Explore the intense power and lethal accuracy of the Darth Maul Lightsaber. Inspired by the formidable Sith Lord in the Star Wars universe, this double-bladed lightsaber enables you to channel unparalleled speed and unwavering aggression. Immerse yourself in the realistic experience of wielding this lightsaber, succumbing to the allure of the dark side. Become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, embodying the chaotic energy of Darth Maul as you unleash destruction. Walk in the footsteps of this menacing Sith, tapping into your inner strength to dominate the galaxy with Darth Maul's Lightsaber firmly in your grasp.

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      Awesome replica lightsaber. Looks exactly like the one used in the movie and it's incredibly sturdy. The customer service was amazing and overall the saber is great for dueling or using as a display piece. Very satisfied. 100% recommended

      Andrew D
      Los Angeles, CA

      We absolutely love our sabers! They're incredible. It’s every bit as accurate as described. It was posted fast and makes for some great fun. Still learning how to control the modes which are only add to the excitement!

      Jane P
      Swansea, UK

      ITS FRIGGIN AWESOME. Arrived fast. I love Luke Skywalker and I was looking for a cheaper hilt of his and this is the perfect option.

      Beza P
      Lincolnshire, UK

      Received the hilt and blade today from Reflekt Sabers. They also include some extra retainer screws and an allen key with handle for taking the saber apart. Xenopixel board is very good and the newest update allows a good amount of customization. Very happy with my purchase and will be buying from them again.

      Alan K
      Toronto, Canada

      I've always wanted a lightsaber since I was a kid and watched Star Wars for the first time so I wanted something very realistic rather than just a toy, and I have to say, this is great! Feeling Sith

      Ashley B
      Lyon, France

      Super quality and a lot of modes! Simple to understand and the customer service was great. Very cool.

      Millie D
      Munich, Germany

      A gift to a friend. She loved it. Recommend buying. (delivered in 6 days)

      Matthew T
      Bedfordshire, UK

      Loved the saber design and the workmanship, almost accurate to the character hilt in the movie. All the functions are working just fine. The shipping is as promised, the blade is awesome. Thank you!

      Trev K
      Norfolk, UK


      The double-bladed lightsaber of Darth Maul, also referred to as Maul's saberstaff, was the very first of its kind that he personally owned. Darth Maul was a Sith Lord who participated in both the Invasion of Naboo and the Clone Wars.

      Darth Maul's lightsaber featured an elongated handle due to the presence of two kyber crystals within the weapon. This unique construction allowed the lightsaber to remain functional even after Obi-Wan Kenobi bisected it during their fateful duel.

      The double-bladed lightsaber wielded by Dark Rey in The Rise of Skywalker was likely intended as a tribute to Darth Maul's iconic weapon, as it was the only other lightsaber of its kind to be featured in a Star Wars film. Although it incorporates various elements from other sources within the Star Wars universe, the design of Dark Rey's lightsaber pays homage to Maul's unique weapon.

      Yes, Darth Maul is able to split his double-bladed lightsaber into two separate weapons, each with its own kyber crystal. This allows him to fight with a dual-wielding style, wielding one blade in each hand. This ability is demonstrated in various Star Wars media, including the films and animated series.

      Following his victory over Pre Vizsla in a decisive duel to claim leadership of Death Watch, Darth Maul became the third wielder of the legendary Darksaber. As one of the most powerful practitioners of the dark side in the galaxy, Maul was able to wield the blade with ease and skill.