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What Does the Purple Lightsaber in Star Wars Mean?

What Does the Purple Lightsaber Mean in Star Wars Mean? | Reflekt Sabers™

Did you recall the first time you saw a purple lightsaber during Star Wars?

You might be curious about what the colour means. Lightsabers are available in various colours, each serving a particular reason for its existence.

It's a fact that the Star Wars film series is top-rated. It's not difficult to understand why -- from the epic space battles to the unforgettable people, there's something to appeal to all of us.

Many people don't realize that one of the most famous technologies throughout the entire series is somewhat unsettling. It's The Purple lightsaber.

In this blog, we'll explore all about the purple lightsaber, what does it mean and how it relates to the events of Star Wars. So, keep reading!

George Lucas Goal to Keep Star Wars Fans Entertained

George Lucas has made it his mission to keep Star Wars fans busy by offering them plenty of stuff to look over following each film in the series.

The famous lightsabers have always generated controversy in internet communities and at Star Wars conventions.

Perhaps it's the Ventress's double-doubles, Kylo Ren's crossguards, or even Anakin's cursed lightsaber. Lucas's weapon is among the most sought-after and talked-about objects throughout the Star Wars universe.

The theatre gasped in shock when Mace Windu walked onto the stage with a purple lightsaber in his hand.

The Meaning Behind Purple

The purple symbolizes the highest of things, strength, ambition, and wisdom. Purple combines red and blue. Two primary colours are used to represent the Jedi and the Sith.

A Jedi who was turned into the Sith and then returned to the Jedi order is the only one who is thought to possess a purple lightsaber.

Purple Lightsabers: What Does It Mean?

A purple lightsaber usually indicates moral uncertainty and a deep understanding of the dark and lighter sides. It could be a symbol of healing and reconstruction as well.

Like other colours of lightsabers, the story of the purple lightsaber blade and its significance drastically decreased after Disney purchased Star Wars and declared the Extended Universe as non-canon.

This shade of lightsaber was very unusual in and of itself, including in Star Wars: Legends. New Canon and the Legends record only three times when Force Users use purple lightsabers.

What Does the Purple Lightsaber in Star Wars Mean?

So, What Exactly Does the Purple Lightsaber Symbolize?

Star Wars: Legends

The time came when Disney bought Lucasfilm (and along with the acquisition, Star Wars), it retconned what became called The Star Wars Extended Universe.

The EU was a narrative timeline that stretched as far as the time of the making of the very first lightsaber and even further forward to the demise of Luke Skywalker.

The stories also featured two purple lightsaber-wielders who were not Mace Windu in these tales.

Darth Revan was a Dark Lord of the Sith who was credited with inventing his own Sith Empire, fighting against the Jedi, losing his memories, and becoming a Jedi to fight the army he had formed.

In addition, Darth Sidious trained Mara Jade Skywalker as an assassin. Although initially an ally to The Dark Side, Mara eventually switched to the Light Side and married Luke Skywalker.

The Legends Canon provided Mace Windu with more depth as a character. A series of comics featured Windu's adventures throughout his journey.

The most common theme to the three users was that they could equally serve those on the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force.

A reasonable assumption is that people wearing the purple lightsaber cross between the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force very casually, but they still know the distinction between them.

New Canon

Within the New Canon, the meanings of lightsabers are relatively simple. They do not convey much about the personality and traits of their users.

The explanation provided in The New Canon is based solely on Mace Windu's utilization of this weapon. We'd say it's reasonably precise in its claims.

The theory is rather simplistic in its understanding of lightsabers. (One could go so far as to say it's just the simple application of colour theory on Star Wars).

Mace Windu is a member of the Seventh Form called "Vapaad." Vapid is the most hazardous form of combat.  Because it requires users to utilize the power of the Dark Side of the Force to increase their skills with lightsabers.

Blue represents the Light Side of the Force. If the purple lightsaber (made by mixing blue and red) symbolizes someone who walks both in the Light and the Dark, Red may also represent the Dark Side of the Force.

Notable Characters Who Made Use of The Purple Lightsaber

Star Wars Legends

There are various users of purple lightsabers in Star Wars LegendsIn the Old Republic Era, Darth Revan was the only one to use the purple lightsaber.

The character had an exciting tale. That began as a Jedi and then switched to the Sith before returning to being a Jedi.

Therefore, choosing a purple lightsaber is perfect since purple is between blue and red, representing his journey between the two.

Their siblings, Anakin, and Jaina Solo, also have purple lightsabers with shades of violet. Anakin and Solo are the children of Han and Leia Solo.

The name Anakin was inspired by his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, who later became Darth Vader.

Star Wars Canon

Mace Windu is the most well-known person to use a purple lightsaber in the Star Wars Canon. While filming Star Wars: — Attack of the Clones, Samuel L. Jackson met with George Lucas.

Jackson personally demanded Lucas's permission to ask if Mace Windu could get a purple lightsaber to ensure that Mace stood out during The Battle of Geonosis.

The lightsabers used in the films were green, blue or red.

Lucas rejected the idea but eventually decided to let Mace Windu wear the unique blade colour. Media outlets that have presented Mace Windu's lightsaber as purple have done so since then.

Mace Windu's Purple Lightsaber 

Yes, there is a story about how Mace Windu received his purple lightsaber. An inspiring tale of fortitude, trust, and sagacity.

But if you look behind the camera shots, how did the people who made Star Wars decide that a lightsaber should be purple? Was the only point to interest and amuse people? Is there anything else?

The straightforward reason is Samuel L. Jackson, who is the character Mace Windu in the prequel trilogy, wanted a unique lightsaber.

He was aware his final fight of Attack of the Clones would have blue and green lightsabers. So, he wanted his own to be different.

Although the creator George Lucas initially refused this request. Then he quickly realized how beautiful the amethyst blade would look in the clash of green and blue weapons.

That is why he settled on Mace's purple blade.

Last Words

Having finished our blog post, we hope that you can better know the meaning behind the purple lightsaber from Star Wars. While there's no definitive answer that everyone can agree on.

We think we can safely say that this colour signifies something distinctive and unique. If you're a Star Wars lover, we encourage you to keep thinking about this issue.  

And perhaps even conduct some investigation to discover your own. Maybe you'll develop your version that makes the same sense as other theories!

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