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The Coolest Lightsabers in Star Wars – Ranked in Order

The Coolest Lightsabers in Star Wars – Ranked in Order

Unfortunately, a stick can't make a lightsaber.

Ah, lightsabers. The heartbeat for Star Wars. From their beginnings as light-up, glorified sticks to the multi-coloured and spinning sabers we have today, the weapon had advanced much further than we think when it was created in 1977.

Most of the time, the individual who controls the lightsaber defines the weapon. There's a possibility of having seven blades, a rainbow lightsaber, which can also shoot out fireworks and serve cocktails, but when you're unable to handle it most likely to be useless.

In this roundup of the top lightsabers, we rated the top ones we've seen.

Dooku's Curved Lightsaber Hilt

When people hear the term lightsaber and think of it, they create images of what it might look like. In most cases, the lightsaber of Count Dooku isn't what people think of. Dooku, the former Jedi changed into a Sith, rocks a red lightsaber with a curly knife.

While most lightsabers had straight hilts on the tip, Dooku's is curly, allowing for more close battles and duelling. Dooku is the chief of the Separatists Dooku is among the most famous character from the trilogy's prequel, and his lightsaber is a vital part of the symbolism.

Tera Sinube's Cane Lightsaber

"Cool" might not be the best word to describe Tera Sinube's saber. It is a versatile weapon; however, it is truly customized and designed to fit the requirements of the Jedi Master.

Most of the time, Sinube uses this item to aid his mobility while keeping the saber out of view and out of his mind. In a crisis that prompts the skilled Jedi to action, he must take the shaft off the collar to release the blade of his kyber crystal.

The cane can lull adversaries into a false perception of security because it can make Sinube appear insecure as well as Sinube can make enemies feel vulnerable. Jedi can also duke it out with the lightsaber and the cane.

Mace Windu's Purple Lightsaber

Mace Windu may not have the reputation of being the most famous Jedi across the universe due to his sassy exterior, but he's one of the most powerful.

The purple-bladed weapon is considered one of the most incredible weapons in the entire series, unique in its shade and the only one that can compete with Darth Sidious.

The hilt stands apart from other weapons due to the use of gold which binds the cylinder as well as the emitter of the sword.

The saber went missing during his deadly duel with Chancellor Palpatine; however, it could survive the fall and remain out there waiting to be found. When he set out to take out Darth Sidious Coruscant, Mace Windu lost the violet lightsaber.

The lightsaber he was swinging fell into the deepest parts of Coruscant. Later that night, Sidious threw Windu out of the window. The latter was deemed dead.

Kara in Star Wars: Visions

The wielder's Force sensitivity is significant to Kara's lightsaber. Depending on the person who wields it, the blade can alter its length and colour.

If a person who's not a fully-fledged Jedi or Sith uses the blade, the saber is a dull, hard light. It's a highly creative way to use the weapon.

Master Yoda's Green Lightsaber

Master Yoda is among the most memorable characters from Star Wars. He was a minor character from a mysterious race who lived for more than 1000 years.

We only know that he was a teacher for the younger ones at Jedi academy. Jedi academy for more than 800 years. Additionally, the fact that he was a part of the Jedi council.

Master Yoda used the Shoto lightsaber, which had a green blade. The shoto lightsaber has a tiny hilt and a smaller blade. This kind of lightsaber was suited to small-sized people like him. Despite his little lightsaber master Yoda was a skilled lightsaber dueler.

We saw him slice off many droids during the prequels to The Star Wars original trilogy. Even the formidable Sith lords such as Count Dooku and Darth Sidious were defeated by Yoda numerous times, such as in Clone Wars.

Master Yoda defeated Darth Sidious for the final time following the execution of Order 66. The last time, he could not overcome the Sith Lord and had to leave.

We learn that Luke owned his Shoto lightsaber in his possession, and he gave the lightsaber to Grogu. While Grogu declined it, it was a wonderful moment to see Master Yoda's lightsaber again.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Like Luke's lightsaber, there's nothing particularly distinctive about Obi-Wan's. However, the amount of good this weapon has accomplished for the universe makes it just as significant as it can be.

Obi-Wan is known as a loser of lightsabers many times over the years (Darth Maul threw one off the power shaft of Naboo, and some gritty Geonosians discarded the other one when the discovery of Geonosis), But this one eventually remained.

The Lightsaber of Kylo Ren

It was initially designed to train to become a Jedi, and Kylo Ren's lightsaber was his companion towards the darker side.

Kylo's lightsaber will be remembered for its appearance since it's a crossguard with the main blade and two smaller blades emerging from the side, close to the edge.

Fans would be used to seeing this lightsaber on display, even if the incident was only Kylo's sins that were screamed out in a blaze of anger.

This lightsaber creates a mark on the mind that is more severe than Kylo's face.

Yoda's Lightsaber Shoto

Yoda could be hundreds of years old and still use the cane to move around; however, he can still know the ropes of the lightsaber duel.

In a show of his fighting abilities with Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, Yoda utilizes green shoto, also known as a short-bladed sword, as his sole lightsaber. It's the same size as his diminutive height; however, it's just as harmful as any other laser weapon.

Darth Vader's Iconic Red Sith Lightsaber

Initially, Darth Vader acted as the franchise's villain. He was intimidating in the initial trilogy because of his dark armoured appearance and his red blood Sith lightsaber, which contrasted with the green and blue lightsabers from the Jedi.

Bottom line

If you're a Star Wars hardcore fan, you might not be able to agree with me because there are a lot of other great heroes.

Star Wars is an epic tale of countless characters; your favourite characters don't need to align with me.

However, we can all acknowledge the fantastic characters, stories, and light-sabers Star Wars has created. Be amazed by the Force and watch the new shows and films from Star Wars.

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