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Everything to know about Darth Vader’s Lightsaber

Everything to know about Darth Vader’s Lightsaber

Darth Vader is the main antagonist. However, he is a well-known and a well-known character from the Star Wars Saga. His journey from a slave boy to a legendary Jedi and later to a Sith Lord was incredible.

Following his transformation into a Sith Lord during the prequels to Star Wars, his character appeared in the first trilogy, the "Clone Wars." series and "Rebels."

Two features of Darth Vader that excite fans are his breath sound and flashing lightsaber. His lightsaber is an iconic lightsaber from Star Wars, and all fans want the lightsaber.

Desires bring questions. A lot of people want to know what colour the lightsaber of Darth Vader is.  

Why is the colour important? Why did he choose that colour?

 So, let's take enquire about these questions.


The Iconic Sith Lightsabers Used by Vader

A green curved-hilt lightsaber was stolen from Jedi Master Kirak Infil'a by Darth Vader. He was later bleeding red. But it was destroyed shortly after a fight with Cabarria.

Seeing Darth Vader construct his own Sith Weapon after losing his original was incredible.

It was equipped with a dual-phase feature that allowed the user to alter its length while fighting and was a feature that the previous weapons did not have.

Additionally, it had the look of the previous and his second Jedi lightsaber. It was a cylindrical black hilt, and the red blade made it look even more frightening.

The most exciting aspect was that the hilt was made of two crystals known as kyber. The first was known as synth-crystal, which was unusual in lightsabers because of its instability.

The second type of crystal used in the lightsaber of Vader is Adegan crystal. That was characterized by an incredibly high frequency attached to the crystal detected by any force-sensitive being.



The synth-crystal powers Darth Vader's lightsaber.

A Crimson crystal-synthesized powers Darth Vader's lightsaber that Darth Sidious's second lightsaber is used as an example.


The problem was that Vader believed the superior's weapons to be old models and wished to design a unique weapon that was more ballast.

To impress his master, Vader tried to develop an innovative design, but the weapon he created was nothing more than a black alloy version of his original Jedi lightsaber.  

The weapon was equipped with a thick handgrip that was ridged, a high-output diatium power cell, a dual-phase focus crystal with forward-facing adjustment knobs, and an emitter shroud that was bevelled.


But, due to the handgrips' dimensions and his mechanical hand's size, Vader was forced to make the grip larger and heftier than his initial lightsaber, resulting in a weapon Vader considered unattractive to the degree that it was heavy. 

Due to the various variations that his lightsaber has, it is possible that Vader did indeed create several weapons. 

Could Vader try a rounded emitter shroud, similar to the 2nd Jedi weapon? Vader was believed to have used the crimson Adegan crystal instead of synth crystals in his blade.

Colour of Darth Vader's Lightsaber: Meaning

Star Wars uses different colours to refer to various things throughout the galaxy. Similar rules apply to the colours of lightsabers. The lightsaber's colour defines what the Jedi is and his goals.

The blue and green colours symbolize the colour of the Jedi. They represent the light Side of Force. They represent harmony and peace. 

Additionally, the red colour symbolizes the Dark Side of the Force. It represents hatred, anger, and other negative feelings. Its users tend to be Sith Lords. They seek control of the Jedi code and gain power over their Jedi code.


The red Kyber crystal is thought to not occur in nature. Therefore, the Sith Lords alter the crystal by bleeding rituals and transform it red. It is believed that crystal becomes more powerful when someone experiences the Dark Side of the Force.

Darth Vader's red lightsaber signified the same as the other Sith Lords. The red colour of his lightsaber meant that Darth Vader became a Sith Lord working to destroy the Jedis and rule over the galaxy.


Vader Murdered a Jedi Who Designed Its Hilt

According to the Darth Vader comic by Charles Soule, Emperor Palpatine is sent by Emperor Palpatine Vader to kill an unnamed Jedi who survived Order 66

Vader was able to put up a brave fight against Kirak Infil'a, but ultimately the Jedi surrendered and left his weapon to him.

Vader destroyed Infil'a's lightsaber after attempting to assassinate him. But Vader did not lose his knowledge of the design of the hilt and later crafted the modified version as he travelled to his abode on Mustafar.  

Anakin's lightsaber vs Darth Vader's

When he was a Jedi, Darth Vader used nearly identical lightsabers. His lightsaber had a cylindrical hilt and was standard. Despite this, his red lightsaber resembles that of his master, Darth Sidious.

The hilt was akin to the lightsaber of his master, and the lightsaber's hue was red. In addition, Darth Vader's lightsaber included two crystals: one of which was a Kyber crystal, as well as one synthetic crystal that was red. 

However, Anakin's blue lightsaber contained a blue Kyber crystal. 

Both lightsabers are dazzling for fans. We love them both exactly the way they look.

The End of Vader's Lightsaber Journey

A duel in the emperor's throne room was a turning point in the lives of Luke and Vader Luke and Luke. 

A variety of green and red Lights flickered across the space. Vader and Anakin showed off their abilities by using their lightsabers.

Although Vader hit Luke repeatedly using his lightsaber, this time, it seemed like he was not trying to kill Luke or cut off his other hand. 

Luke was aware of the turmoil within his father's thoughts and urged him to return to his Light Side. But, still struggling with the existential crisis, Vader informed Luke that he should change his sister, Leia, into Leia's Dark Side instead. 

Luke quickly cut off Vader's hand with his lightsaber after his father's words disenchanted him. 

As Vader's lightsaber fell into the reactor shaft, Darth Sidious incited Luke to destroy Vader and take over as his apprentice.

After realizing his plan to do the things Yoda warned him to avoid, Luke threw away his lightsaber and declared that he was a Jedi like his father once.


Final Moment of Vader's Lightsaber

While this was the final moment of Vader's lightsaber, for those who still wondered what would happen with Luke or Vader following, well, there were no lightsabers left in the area.


But luckily, after hearing Luke's pleas for help, Vader was able to experience an epiphany moment and returned to The Light Side.

Even though Vader was now Anakin was not equipped with his lightsaber ready to strike any blow, he summoned his strength, grabbed Darth Sidious, and threw him into the shaft of the reactor of the Death Star before he lost his famous Sith lightsaber a couple of minutes earlier.

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