Xenopixel - Lightsaber Instructions

The day has come… The day that you get to harness the power of your new saber. This is as real as it gets. We're so happy that you've chosen Reflekt Sabers as your saber outpost!

Now, it's time to master your saber.

Half the fun comes from trying it out yourself, but this manual will walk you through all the saber's functions so you can fast-track your skills and become a saber master!

Saber Basics 

Your journey to becoming a saber master had begun. First things first, let’s make sure your saber is fully charged. We recommend leaving your new saber on charge for 4 - 8 hours. This will give you up to 8 hours of battery life!

Your saber’s functionality is controlled by the main button located in the center of your hilt. When the button is held, the outer ring light will flash in 0.5 second intervals. Each interval corresponds to a function.


Hold down the button to bring your saber out of Sleep Mode. You will hear an introductory sound say 'Power On.' The hilt is now in Wake Mode and ready for use.


Tap the button once to ignite your saber blade.


To turn off your saber completely and save battery, press and hold the button down for 10 seconds.


Master Your Saber


A quick tap of the button (Saber Ignited)


Press and hold the button while making impact with the blade. Release the button to end this effect (Saber Ignited)


Press and hold the button for one flash (0.5 Seconds), then release. Tap the button to end this effect (Saber Ignited)


Hold the button for 2 flashes (1 Second) to cycle through the colour variants. Tap the button once to select your custom colour (Saber Ignited)


Hold the button for 4 flashes (2 Seconds) to turn off your saber blade


Hold the button for 1 flash (0.5 Seconds). Your saber has 3 volume adjustment settings; High, Low, Mute (Blade Off)


Hold the button for 2 flashes (1 Second). Your saber has 7 lighting effects; Steady, Pulse, Rainbow Blade, Candy Blade, Unstable, Crack Blade, Fire Blade (Blade Off)


Hold the button for 3 flashes (1.5 Seconds) to change the ignition styles (Blade Off). Your saber has 10 to choose from; Broken Ignition, Stack Ignition, Foldtile Ignition, Word Ignition, Faser Ignition, Scavenger Ignition, Hunter Ignition, Standard Blade (Blade Mode), Blaster Blade (Blade Mode), Ghost Blade (Blade Mode)


Hold the button for 4 flashes (2 Seconds). Your saber is pre-installed with 34 sound effects (Blade Off)


There are several motion controls available on the Xeno3 Neopixel Saber.

  • A direct and quick stabbing motion with the hilt level will turn the blade on, or off.
  • A quick twist while the hilt is pointed down will change the sound font to the next sound in sequence. Either direction will prompt the change as long as the hilt is pointed downward (Blade Off). You can also add your own Custom Sounds to your saber. For more detail, please visit www.reflektsabers.com. 
  • Hold the button and impact the hilt/blade to activate lock-up. Release the button to end lock-up (Saber Ignited)
  • To cycle blade colours, hold the button and give a quick twist while the hilt is pointed down. Release the button to select your preferred colour (Saber Ignited)
  • While holding the button, a quick twist while the hilt is pointed up will play a special effect (Saber Ignited)



Our Xeno3 Neopixel Sabers allows you to customize your saber! In addition to adding custom sound effects, you can edit the default blade colours, motion controls, pixel length, clash sensitivity, volume and start-up/shut-down times. We strongly recommend you create a backup of all original files that are installed on your saber before replacing or editing them. 


Trouble Shooting

Should you find any issues with your saber, here you will find all the troubleshooting information to help you fix the problem. 

Saber has no sound

Saber may be in mute mode. Turn off your saber, then hold the button for 1 flash (0.5 seconds) to change the sound volume. Your saber has 3 different volume settings: High/Low/Mute.

My saber has lost a colour, doesn’t light up, or has no swing or clash sounds

This may be a low battery issue. Please charge your saber for a minimum of 4-8 hours. If the battery is fully charged and you are still having this issue, try removing and reinstalling the battery. To reach the battery, please unscrew the hilt.

When charging, my saber vocalises ‘charging’, then immediately after, vocalises ‘ready’

The battery may not be making contact properly with the connector plates inside. Please unscrew the hilt, remove the battery and carefully adjust the connectors so the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ both are in contact with the battery.

Contact Us

If any other problem occurs and the above methods won't fix your issue, please contact contact@reflektsabers.com.


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