Cool Lightsabers

      Replicas of Lightsabers, which imitate every aspect of the versions seen in the Star Wars universe, are referred to as Real Lightsabers. You can find your favorite characters lightsabers here! Whether you're a collector or a fan of the Jedi, having a real lightsaber in your Star Wars collection is essential. Browse our collection now and take home the might of the force!
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      Awesome replica lightsaber. Looks exactly like the one used in the movie and it's incredibly sturdy. The customer service was amazing and overall the saber is great for dueling or using as a display piece. Very satisfied. 100% recommended

      Andrew D
      Los Angeles, CA

      We absolutely love our sabers! They're incredible. It’s every bit as accurate as described. It was posted fast and makes for some great fun. Still learning how to control the modes which are only add to the excitement!

      Jane P
      Swansea, UK

      ITS FRIGGIN AWESOME. Arrived fast. I love Luke Skywalker and I was looking for a cheaper hilt of his and this is the perfect option.

      Beza P
      Lincolnshire, UK

      Received the hilt and blade today from Reflekt Sabers. They also include some extra retainer screws and an allen key with handle for taking the saber apart. Xenopixel board is very good and the newest update allows a good amount of customization. Very happy with my purchase and will be buying from them again.

      Alan K
      Toronto, Canada

      I've always wanted a lightsaber since I was a kid and watched Star Wars for the first time so I wanted something very realistic rather than just a toy, and I have to say, this is great! Feeling Sith

      Ashley B
      Lyon, France

      Super quality and a lot of modes! Simple to understand and the customer service was great. Very cool.

      Millie D
      Munich, Germany

      A gift to a friend. She loved it. Recommend buying. (delivered in 6 days)

      Matthew T
      Bedfordshire, UK

      Loved the saber design and the workmanship, almost accurate to the character hilt in the movie. All the functions are working just fine. The shipping is as promised, the blade is awesome. Thank you!

      Trev K
      Norfolk, UK

      Cool Lightsabers

      Finding cool lightsaber designs in real life may be easier than you think. You don't need to fly an X-Wing to find what you're looking for. While durability is essential, having a cool-looking lightsaber is just as important. It's one thing to defeat your opponent, but it's another to do it with an impressively designed weapon.

      Consider some of the coolest lightsabers in the Star Wars Universe. Many of them aren't just cool; they're unique as well. Lightsaber colors also play a factor in this. Think of the Mandalorian Darksaber's black blade or Mace Windu's purple blade from the Clone Wars. And who could forget Rey's yellow-gold lightsaber from the Skywalker Saga's epic conclusion? While the classic blue, green, or Sith red lightsabers are great, these unique designs can undoubtedly be called "cool."

      Cool and unique lightsabers also stand out because of their design. For example, Kylo Ren's crossguard hilt or Darth Maul's double-bladed beast are both unique and awesome enough to make a significant impression. The only way to obtain an actual lightsaber that is this cool is to customize your own.

      Why You Need a Cool Lightsaber

      When it comes to combat, you want the best lightsabers that can stand up to the challenge. You don't want your lightsaber to fail when the fate of the universe is at stake. Durability is critical, but collectors want something more. They want a weapon that looks as impressive as it performs. Cool lightsaber designs are the ones you want to display.

      Finding the coolest lightsaber comes down to two main factors: design and construction. The weapon's construction matters when searching the universe for the coolest lightsabers. Combat lightsabers made from aircraft-grade aluminum and similar materials are both durable and lightweight.

      The hilt is a big part of what makes a cool lightsaber. It helps protect the light source while also looking incredible. Cool lightsaber hilts are creatively designed and can withstand heavy hits.

      While the blade is where contact is made, the force travels to the hilt. It must be strong enough to withstand the impact and protect the expensive electronics inside. Without the electronics, the fantastic light and sound effects are lost.

      For those who want a durable and cool lightsaber, Reflekt Sabers is the place to go. We use aircraft-grade aluminum and battle-ready polycarbonate Reflekt Blades to create a cool lightsaber that will make you look and feel like a true Jedi or Sith every time your blade is drawn.

      The light source and other electronics are safely stored in the hilt, making it not only designed to look cool but also a functional and highly durable lightsaber. The hilt protects the electronics from damage during hard hits, allowing you to see the battle through to the finish.

      Serious competitors may also want to consider our Heavy Grade blade options, which even Darth Vader would have trouble breaking.


      The Lightsaber comes in four distinct styles, each with its own unique characteristics. The first style is Peace and Justice, which is a modern take on the traditional Jedi Lightsaber. The second style is Elemental Nature, which features a more organic and natural design. The third style is Protection and Defense, which is reminiscent of the Old Republic Lightsaber. And finally, the fourth style is Power and Control, which is a throwback to the ancient Sith Lightsaber.

      The type of lightsaber that is considered to be the least powerful and least dangerous is known as the training lightsaber, which has been specially designed to be safe for use by children. As the name suggests, this type of lightsaber is specifically intended to be used in training exercises to teach and prepare young Jedi for their journey to becoming accomplished Jedi Masters in the future.

      It is unsurprising that Jedi Master Yoda is considered the most powerful of all the Jedi, given his position as the head of the Jedi Order in the prequels and his revered abilities during the original trilogy. Yoda's unparalleled power made him a formidable opponent to Darth Vader and the Imperials.

      Yoda's lightsaberwas smaller than a standard Jedi lightsaber, befitting his shorter stature.

      According to the legend, Yoda, who later became the Grand Master of the Jedi, received his training from N'Kata Del Gormo, a Hysalrian who was sensitive to the Force. N'Kata Del Gormo was trained in the Force and eventually became a Master within the Jedi Order.