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Anakin's Lightsaber: The Most Storied Weapon in Star Wars

Anakin's Lightsaber: The Most Storied Weapon in Star Wars

Anakin's Lightsaber: The Most Storied Weapon in Star Wars
In the Star Wars universe, there isn't a weapon that has created the same beauty and savagery quite as the Lightsaber. In general, the firearm of Jedi and Sith symbolized a certain level of order and respect in the galaxy that very few could keep.

The ones who could be considered Jedi built a solid bond with this weapon.

However, none of the lightsabers have had quite the lengthy as Anakin Skywalkers.

Many people need to realize that one of the most well-known lightsabers from the series was his second, which begs to ask what changed with the first.

In this article you will know about the famous Lightsaber of Anakin, a fascinating story in the Star Wars franchise, utilized by villains and heroes equally throughout Canon and Legends.

The Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Phase

Anakin Skywalker designed the Lightsaber for his usage during his time in the Clone Wars. It was intended as an alternative to the original Lightsaber he created, which was destroyed without ceremony during the fight against Geonosis.

Since Anakin was a member of The Jedi Order at the time, the Lightsaber featured an icy blue blade. Anakin used the Lightsaber to defeat and execute Count Dooku in duels during the Battle of Coruscant.

Anakin kept possession of his blue Lightsaber, even after he shifted to the darker side and completed his transformation into the notorious Darth Vader.

But Vader lost the Lightsaber--and even his life when the battle was cut to pieces by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Duel on Mustafar. After the fight, Kenobi took control of the Lightsaber.

Luke owns a Lightsaber

Luke utilized Anakin's Lightsaber in one film. Luke created his Lightsaber  and used it to save his fellow Jedi from Jabba fighting the Empire and take on Darth Vader for the remainder of his life as a Jedi.

We only get to see his Green Lightsaber in two flashback sequences. We don't see it again. Is it where? Rey creates an encased double lightsaber that combines Anakin and Luke's lightsabers.

However, she isn't, and Leia is equipped with a Lightsaber. Finn could get Luke's Green Lightsaber. Rey is carrying Anakin's Lightsaber.

Finn is Luke's Lightsaber. Ben is equipped with Leia's Lightsaber. They all destroy Palpatine together. However, it's not ever seen except in flashbacks.

It's just that it's not mentioned as Anakin's Lightsaber. It's always known as Luke's Lightsaber or Rey's Lightsaber.

It's like JJ being a ferocious OT who doesn't like the prequels and does not want anything related to them, and Disney isn't willing to even acknowledge Anakin completely.

Anakin's Lightsaber: History

Anakin's First (Padawan) Lightsaber

Before making his famous Lightsaber, Anakin created a different one while the Jedi Padawan studied under Obi-Wan. He used it until the two of them, Padme, were captured by Geonosis after a cutting blade from the droid factory caused the blade to break.

As the Jedi were finally able to arrive in a nearly-ineffective rescue effort, Skywalker was handed a temporary green-bladed sword. However, the sabre, too, was destroyed. This time during a duel with Dooku.

Anakin's Second Lightsaber: The Skywalker Saber

After the Battle of Geonosis, Anakin developed his first Lightsaber. It was used to lead the troops of the 501st with those of the Separatists (CIS) fighting Droids over the long-running campaigns.

In addition, he would teach Ahsoka to use the weapon.

The weapon witnessed hundreds of instances of combat with Skywalker's hand. To go through the entire list is a difficult task.

Instead, let us mention that Anakin's Lightsaber is instrumental in saving the lives of many throughout the galaxy far from home. Then, things turned worse.

Jedi Knight Felt Repeatedly Betrayed

As a Jedi Knight who felt repeatedly betrayed by members of the Jedi Council, Anakin was duped.

Anakin was swayed by the deceitful words of Shiev Palpatine, the Sith Lord, who could snare his way to total control of the Galactic Republic.

In manipulating the events to force Anakin to pick between his love for the woman he adored and the Jedi, the self-proclaimed Emperor defeated Skywalker.

Instead, a new man - a villain was born, introducing himself through Darth Vader.  In the present, instead of helping innocent people, they would be taking their lives.


Like all lightsabers of the Jedi Order, the new Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber had a kyber crystal in the middle of the hilt.

Like his previous Lightsaber's new one emits the blue high-energy plasma blade because of the crystal's connection to its original owner. The blade was enclosed inside the "cyber-powered impermeable suspension. 

The hilt was 28 centimetres long, cylindrical, and made of carbon and alloy composites.

Apart from the crystal it also had a Skywalker lightsaber had additional components, including a power source located at the bottom of the hilt, an activation matrix black rubberized grip ribbing for the grip, a ring's tuning flange and an elastomeric stabilizing ring, an emitter, as well as an adjustable mechanism that could alter its length. 

Anakin's Lightsaber Functionon as A Vergence

Based on its form, the Skywalker lightsaber could be used by gripping the upper part of the hilt to support it and the hand on the lower directing the blade. Also, it was equipped to operate underwater.

The Anakin's Lightsaber also functioned as a vergence whenever Rey was in contact with it, providing her with insights into the past when she touched it within the Takodana Castle. The Lightsaber could also grant insight into the past when it touched.

Rey's efforts to reassemble the Skywalker lightsaber transformed its appearance. The two pieces of the hilt joined, creating weld marks in the middle part of the weapon.

Also, Rey fastened her leather wrist strap to the middle of the hilt, which included the newly-refitted activation matrix making it even more challenging to join the broken pieces.

The broken kyber crystal was still inside the hilt and was repaired using the Jedi method performed through Rey. 

Ben Solo

Ben briefly employed Anakin's Lightsaber to defeat a Praetorian Guard. But upon returning to the side of good, Ben was given the weapon again by Rey.

In Exegol, Ben used the Skywalker weapon against his former followers and The Knights of Ren, quickly destroying the influential dark side players before going up against Palpatine along with Rey.

Following that Battle of Exegol, Rey took Anakin's Lightsaber back to Tatooine and buried it within the remnants left of Lars's homestead, bringing the Star Wars saga full circle.

Last Thoughts

The Skywalker lightsaber - the sabre of Anakin was not meant to be carried by a person born out of the powerful Skywalker lineage.

It's not a thing that can be inherited in the sense of. Skywalkers are created, not born. It could allude to Anakin's idea, which was created through The Force from the Sith. Therefore, the Force has chosen Rey to use the weapon rather than Kylo Ren.

That is the reason she defeated the villain in Starkiller Base, despite his insisting that the sabre be his rightfully.

Therefore, at the end of the saga; Rey takes on the name of Skywalker as well. This could be an ode to the relationship she has with Ben Solo.

Anakin's Lightsaber plays a significant component of the film, yet it's never considered as extensively.

This piece will give a new viewpoint on what is essential to family ties - that it's more than blood, but also attitude, shared goals, and most importantly, love. It's a beautiful ending to the day.

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