Specifications - Model Olorun


  • Size of Hilt: 26cm

  • Size of Blade: 92 cm blade, 2mm(Neo 3mm), 1Inch OD blade

  • Speaker size: 2-3 Watt, 4/8 omh 

  • LED: 12watts RGB/ 50watts Neopixel Strip

  • Battery: 18650 3.7V Battery 3000mah

  • Aluminium Alloy, Polycarbonate Blade 


  • Removable PC Blade

  • Sensitive Smooth Swing (Baselit)/ Extreme responsive, realistic motion sensitivity Smooth Swing (Xeno3 Neopixel)

  • Changeable Colours (Infinite)

  • Heavy Duelling (Baselit)/ Easy to Medium Duelling (Xeno3 Neopixel)

  • Flash on Clash (FOC)

  • Sound fonts (Baselit - 12 Sets)/ Xeno3 Neopixel - 34 Sets)

  • Chargeable (4-8 hours) 

Our Xeno3 Neopixel Sabers are built for Easy to Medium Duelling. Our Premium Baselit Sabers are built for Heavy Duelling.