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Everything You Need to Know About Ahsoka's Lightsabers

Everything You Need to Know About Ahsoka's Lightsabers

Ahsoka Lightsaber

Despite its name, this is what Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi has called the Lightsaber, which, according to Mako Obi-Wan, is a weapon reminiscent of a more civilized age." It is frequently used in Star Wars media to show its user's inner character and temperament. From the initial creation of the parts to the choice from the Kyber Crystal, which is the source of its flame, the Lightsaber show its journey.

It is nowhere more clearly than in an iconic character from the series, one of its most loved and timeless iconic characters, Ahsoka Tano, using not one, but four distinct versions that use the Jedi weapon in multiple series and appearances!

An Exclusive Force User in Star Wars 

We initially see Ahsoka Tano as Anakin Skywalker's Padawan in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in which she is introduced as a Togruta Jedi. 

When she engaged in the Battle of Christophsis, Yoda nicknamed her "Snips" due to her fighting style.

Although Ahsoka was born in the world of Shili, she was raised in her home in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The Clone Wars supervising writer and director, Dave Filoni, helped shape her character.

Ahsoka has much more footage to show off, including her role on Star Wars Rebels under the codename "Fulcrum" and a live-action video with a voiceover.

The most common way for fans to encounter Ahsoka is on this Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian.

Ahsoka Has Green and Yellow-Green Lightsabers

The distinctions in the lightsabers of both are obvious. Ahsoka is one of the longest lengths and a traditional green colour.

But the secondary blade is the one we are most interested in. After Ahsoka took on the new style of fighting went back to Ilum to obtain the second Kyber crystal.

With the aid of a crystal that was newly discovered, she created with the help of a crystal; she built a lightsaber called a shoto. Shoto Sabers are smaller than other weapons and were designed specifically to be used by smaller-sized users. 

An excellent example of this is Yoda, the Grand Master. He has the same Lightsaber with the same colour and length.

There's no guarantee that the other crystal Jedi discovers will have identical in colour.

General Pong Krell used two double-blade lightsabers, but one was green, and one was blue. Therefore, we should be satisfied to find Ahsoka sporting a new colour.

Does This Colour Signify Something?

The shades of lightsabers can be fast to provoke controversy. Many believe they were made for their appearance associated with the brand. Others think that there is a concrete significance to their creation.

Canon doesn't help here.

Legends declare that around the 4000th year of the BBY Lightsaber, crystals were used to signify the Jedi's position. They were also healers. Were guardians or scholars?

So, the green saber was intended to be a Jedi Consular. They've delved into Force's depths and fought against the Force's Dark Side ( Qui-Gon Jinn). However, the colour yellow signified that they were a Jedi sentinel. The Jedi could balance brutal Force by combining knowledge ( Rey).

Since her blade is green and yellow, we can infer that she has improved her balance over time. She used her expertise to win the battle and stopped relying solely on her fighting skills.

She learned this by studying Anakin as well as Obi-Wan.

One of them taught her how to fight the other emphasized the importance of patience, understanding, and negotiation.

What makes Ahsoka Hold Her Lightsaber Backward?

Using a reverse grasp on the Lightsaber is an alternative to Form 5, known as Shien (she-EN). While this form of grip isn't the original, Djem So was preferred by lightsaber enthusiasts.

An exception is Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka used to perform this method by employing a standard lightsaber in her dominant hand and the shorter version (called a shoto blade) in her other hand. She typically used them in a normal and backward manner and forward, respectively.

The backward grip provided her with additional mobility over the blade, which could be useful in defence and offence. 

Powerful Attacks

On the offensive, she could precisely manipulate the blade to ensure she could land powerful attacks. In addition, her unorthodox backward grip gave her an advantage in battles since it forced the opponent to adjust.

This grip provided her with an advantage in defence too! It was a standard procedure for Shien to place the blade horizontally on the head.

By doing this, she had an additional layer of protection behind her. That was particularly useful in the face of multiple adversaries.

Additionally, she could prevent attacks with lightsabers at the back, enabling her to block blaster shots at her.

Ahsoka Uses Which Form of The Lightsaber?

Ahsoka's skill in martial arts in different forms of lightsaber fighting would grow along with her weaponry as the show progressed.

She began her training in the fundamental Form I Shii-Cho style with her single-bladed green Lightsaber. That is the most basic range of lightsaber combat methods that resembles the more straightforward and normal swordplay found elsewhere in the universe without assistance from the Force.

Offensive strikes are generally thrown in a bid to slice through everything that is in the way. The attacker will then switch to defence to make the most of any openings created by the initial attack.

Ahsoka's style of play is a subdued type of defensive style, too. It will help her master the more rapid Form IV, Ataru.

This form of combat includes acrobatic gymnastics to overwhelm enemies with a nearly unstoppable blast of strikes designed to finish the fight quickly.

The Force was used to make the moves even more efficient, substituting the Shii-Cho's defensive stance for pure power. It was unsafe if the person using it had no other parries or blocks to draw from.

Advice From Master Yoda

With the advice from Master Yoda to bring her style and personality to new classes, Ahsoka chooses dual-handed martial arts, like Jar'Kai. The focus was on using a lightsaber combination with a sword weapon.

The person defends using one weapon and quickly attacks using the other. Ahsoka will combine her knowledge of Form V Shien fashion.

This lightsaber combat style emphasizes defence against blaster bolts, and her unique underhand shoto lightsaber method produces an impressive defensive technique.

The refined skill she has developed helps her escape situations during her time in the Clone Wars, the fall of the Jedi Order, and decades afterwards.

Background Scenes

Star Wars: The Clone Wars first showed Ahsoka's Lightsaber. The shoto accompanied by the Lightsaber first appeared on " Heroes on Both Sides.

In the flashback scene in Ahsoka, when she renounces her lightsabers after being slain in the Siege of Mandalore, it is stated that the blades are green.

But the scene "Old Friends not forgotten" portrays Ahsoka's lightsabers with blue blades upon getting returned to the hands of Anakin in the days before the siege. The later versions of the novel altered descriptions of lightsabers to correspond to the TV show.

"Victory and Death" continues to revise the story's assertion that Tano left the lightsabers at Mandalore in the fake tomb Rex made for the character. Instead, she drops them in graves she, as well as Rex, created for their fallen clones on the moon, which the Star Destroyer crashed into shortly after the issue of Order 66.

She's also seen absconding her primary light sword, even though she's officially published a Databank entry stating that she left both lightsabers. 

The scene where Anakin Skywalker returned Ahsoka Tano's lightsabers before The Siege of Mandalore wasn't originally added back when that Siege of Mandalore story arc was planned before the decision to cancel Star Wars: The Clone Wars. When the show was renewed to be relaunched on Disney and Disney+, The scene was created and added to Episodes. 

The Bottom Line

Ahsoka had been trained in various types of lightsaber combat and switched between the multiple forms when necessary. In all fights, however, she favoured one.

Ahsoka Tano uses the lightsaber Form 5, specifically that of the Djem So variant.

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